Enduro. Past, Present & Future with Tracy Moseley

2013 is going to be an exciting year for the young sport of mountain biking. For many people Enduro racing seems to be the latest craze and as a new discipline it is just about to emerge on the world scene, but for the French, they have been racing enduro’s for the last 10 years! In France the idea of riding all day in the mountains with your mates and racing down the downhill sections is something they have been doing for years. The French races started by Fred Glo having an amazing vibe and great ethos. There is no practice allowed on the courses before the race so everyone rides blind and has to read the trail as they race. A true test of a riders natural ability and skill. As the sport has been adopted around the world, the rules have been changed slightly to suit each country, their beliefs and mostly to the needs of insurance in our wonderful litigious society we live in ! In most places practice must now be available to all riders before racing starts.

Tracy Moseley Enduro, Eyesdown

Here in the UK we are just about to start our 3rd Gravity Enduro Series at Afan Forest Park, Wales on March 24th. It’s been great to see the sport develop and gain interest in the UK and we have some great racing with a mix of trail centre based races and some more natural locations. There is a definite emphasis on pedalling in the UK races, but we have some amazing trails and places to ride that even with short stages, ranging from 2min – 8mins we still have some gruelling race days.

On the world stage the World Enduro Series is due to make its debut in Italy in May. This series consists of 7 rounds across Europe and North America and with the variety of racing across the globe I am really excited to race a slightly different format at each event. I think it will be a great test of a riders ability to win the series. With a mix of XC racers, downhillers and seasoned enduro racers all gunning for that first World Series victory I really think its going to be an exciting year ahead for our sport.

Video & Photos : Eyesdown
Words : Tracy Moseley

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