3′s a Crowd, with Taylor Vernon, Mike Jones & Grant Boyce

Age and Category…?

Mike Jones: 16, I was in Youth this year going into Junior next year.

Taylor Vernon: 15, Youth this year and next year.

Grant Boyce: 18, Junior this year Expert next year. *grin on face*

How has your season been this year..?

Jones: My season has been going pretty good, had some pretty good results and a few bad ones with some big crashes. I also managed to get 1st at Welsh Champs, 2nd at National Champs and two fastest times of the days.

Vernon: Had my first BDS podium in Youth at Caersws. Don’t know what else… few top tens..? Thats about it.

Boyce: Yeh had a good season, won the Welsh Championship again for the third time and tenth in National Champs.

So what are you’re goals for next year..?

Boyce: Get up in expert and get some good top tens and podiums and then hopefully exceed into elite next year.

Jones & Vernon: Big time words there bhutt.

Boyce: I am the one.!

Jones: Try get some good results in the BDS, good podiums and have another good season.

Vernon: Get on the top step..!! Ha, do some iXS, try get some top tens and podiums at BDS.

Winter training..?

Jones: Gym, XC.

Vernon: Same.

Boyce: That’s about it.

Jones: Some night rides as well.

Boyce: The local Wednesday night ride, Grandma’s local..!

Any Thanks..?

Jones: I want to thank Team Bicycle Doctor for all the parts and help with the bikes.

*Grant pointing furiously at the gloves* Ohh and One Industry for the helmets and gloves, and Mum n Dad.

Vernon: I would like to thank my Mummy and Daddy Fox Europe, Sunline, Scott, Juicy lubes, Phunkt and BikeIt. Ohh and MGM.

Boyce: What’s MGM..?

Vernon: A big building in Las Vegas that Justin Beiber does all that singing for.

Jones: WEAPON.!

Boyce: What, you’re sponsored by MGM..?

Vernon: No, Justin Bieber is.

Boyce: Yeh, big thanks to Team Bicycle Doctor, 661, Ma n Pa and Juice Lubes. Also like to thank that Tom Lloyd.

Vernon: Yeh Lloyd..!

Boyce: Yeh, for the sweet gloves and lid.

Photos: Alex Tyler

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